symphonic explosion (awesometimestwo) wrote,
symphonic explosion

had a talk with shannon tonight. about how. things just seem to blend. days nights afternoons weeks months. this past year. has just been a blur. & i understand her when she says she feels like nothing's real. my memory seems to be leaving me. & maybe its just. that the really important things. i dont have to try to remember.


yesterday celina asked me if i believed in god. & she really truly almost died when i told her that i didnt. she went on to explain that people who dont believe in god are evil & mean. i asked her if i was either of those. she said no, which is why she was so confused. she then asked if i had ever believed in god. i told her yes. & she sighed with relief. "ohhhh. well thats why, then. i knew it."

& i can remember a time. when i would argue. but now it just seems. all too pointless. because she doesnt know why she believes in god. because ive yet to find some one that does. some one who can answer all of my "why"'s. & i really. dont care at all anymore. because you cant show some one. logic. if they denounce it.


my cd player is now being selective. which really really pisses me off. it wont play the things i want it to play. psh.


&. did just. anyone see the game tonight. double over time. lakers suck.

wednesday. watch the kings kick some laker ass.
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