symphonic explosion (awesometimestwo) wrote,
symphonic explosion

i think. i needed the jonah show. its been so long since ive felt that way. so long.

& some times. i like to share that feeling. with the people im there with. but this time. i felt like i was the only one feeling that. feeling what i felt. & i know i wont be able to explain it to anyone. not the way i want to. but its like:
when you stop. just stop. & take in the music. take in the words. the voice. forget every thing else. even the cold that makes your teeth chatter. or the sound of drunks playing hackey sack. or the worry. & the stress. that you carry with you every hour without anyone knowing. & all you can hear is the chords. all you can feel. is sound. & its some thing. ive missed. & some thing. so fucking amazing.

&. he sang the bob dylan song. that was almost perfect. &. i love all three of the people i was there with. & that. is some thing, too.


a bunch of the people that i used to go to church with. came in to my work the other day. & honestly. the thing i remember the most from. "being a christian." was the guilt. & i know i talk about it far too. often. but its been in my thoughts a lot. lately. just. every thing. every thing i was taught & told & did & didnt question & it makesmefeelsick.

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