symphonic explosion (awesometimestwo) wrote,
symphonic explosion


why is there always so much to do on my days off.

make two mixed tapes for the road. 5 hours.
find directions to every single place we're going to go in san francisco. 30 min. to 1 hour.
take my sister to get her work permit. 1 hour.
help my brother paint his presidency posters. 2 hours.
meet up with diane & shannon later to buy mapsfoodbatteriesfilmdrinkseverything. 2 - 3 hours.
do the dishes. 15 minutes.
do laundry. unless i want to spend the weekend naked. ((fuck.)) 1 hour.
create a budget & set a certain amount of money aside so that i dont spend my entire check in san francisco!. 45 minutes.
decide what all im going to bring, since i'll have no time tomorrow after work. + pack it. 1.5 hours.
jon. hmmm.


ok. & thats. what. fifteen hours scheduled. & its eleven a.m. at some point i have to sleep tonight. i have to be at work by 645 tomorrow. jesus.

theres just. got to be more time.
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