symphonic explosion (awesometimestwo) wrote,
symphonic explosion

no set back will set us back.

i feel like there's so much to say. but no reason to say any of it.

& even though id been there before. it was just. different this time. every thing was. & i dont think ive ever felt so many emotions in such a limited amount of time. & i cant talk about those. because it wouldnt make sense to any one anyway. which is. nice.

& there are so many things im unsure of. even now. but i know that this weekend. was one of the bests. of my life thus far. & i want to go back. because san francisco is magic.

& diane & shannon. are, too.


&. san francisco. is just like hollywood. but with cleaner air. & cooler, happier people. better food. & suckier parking.
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