symphonic explosion (awesometimestwo) wrote,
symphonic explosion

give up, give up your love.

beulah is beautiful. i had a blissful time. even though. they didnt play maroon bible. or hey brother. i'll overlook it.


andrew burned his. "wang" with matches. yesterday. what a lame.


eddie came in to my work again today. i know. only one person knows who eddie is. but its a name. i have a feeling i'll mention a lot more. in the future. so we can introduce him now. hi, eddie.


Speaker4dead13 [3:32 PM]: i burned my wang yesterday

Speaker4dead13 [3:32 PM]: it hurt

Youre Staring [3:32 PM]: imagine.

Youre Staring [3:32 PM]: how.

Speaker4dead13 [3:33 PM]: i was playing with matches

Speaker4dead13 [3:33 PM]: just letting them burn then blowing them out

Youre Staring [3:34 PM]: WHY.

Speaker4dead13 [3:34 PM]: well one of the times when i blew it out i blew too hard and the head blew off

Speaker4dead13 [3:34 PM]: and i was wearing only boxers

Speaker4dead13 [3:34 PM]: and the head of the match well through the little trap door and onto my wangage

Speaker4dead13 [3:34 PM]: and burn the living hell out of me

Speaker4dead13 [3:35 PM]: i got like 4 tiny burn marks on little andrew now


andrew's a lame. i like beulah. i spend to much money on music. ((still)). i like jon. jon is good for jamie. its okay to give in. taking back sunday tonight. i am excited. la la la.
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