symphonic explosion (awesometimestwo) wrote,
symphonic explosion

the other one just never felt right to me. but maybe ive been gone far too long to have this one how it used to be. but i want to. so. y'know. i might.


i was thinking, today. how much compassion i lack. how i really couldnt care less about the majority of people i come across. & the only time you'll see any amount of emotion in me. is when some thing concerns either: me. jon. shannon. my immediate family. or my sister.

& then you have my mother. or my co-worker celina. & every single thing that happens in this world seems to affect them in the h u g e s t way. & im not sure how i feel about that. it makes me wonder, though. how some one could care so much. for those they dont even know. but.

as much as i tell myself. that there are other people like me. that im not all that different. the more i realise. that fuck, jamie. shannon & i. might be like. two of a kind.


work is tiring like. all the time. & it just doesnt feel the way it used to. it reminds me of that song. "even the names stay the same.. just the faces change."


some times i get the feeling jon really has no fucking idea who i am. other times. i know no one has come closer.


i got the new bright eyes cd today. & identity makes me think.

&. i better call jon before he kills me.
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