symphonic explosion (awesometimestwo) wrote,
symphonic explosion

listening to d'yer maker by led zeppelin. & only andrew knows why it makes me smile so much.

i like. things like that.

((&. i do think i could fall i love to this song.))


reorganized the collection tonight. & upon its completion. i realised i had left one cd out. one that should have been placed in the "b"'s. fuck daniel brummel.


also: i invited him over tonight & it felt like old times. when we'd lay on the couch forever. & not want to move. & we rented the godfather. & fell asleep & woke up & ate left over birthday cake. & talked about socialism. & denzel washington winning an oscar. we talked about the color orange & crest toothpaste. how coke & pepsi really are completely different even though so many argue the opposite. we talked about nelly furtado & pink floyd. we talked about the first thing that came to our minds. the last. & every thing in between. &. honestly. i love him.


we booked the room for san francisco today. i am excited. +. i heard the amoeba there is just. killer.

goodnight to you.
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