symphonic explosion (awesometimestwo) wrote,
symphonic explosion

i havent really seen my mother since sunday. which is nice.

& i suprised myself today. i made a quiche. & it actually came out. good. & if you know me. you know how fucking. strange that is.


some times. i really do love the feeling of exhaustion. just. every thing about it. & the way it feels when your body finally hits the sheets. i like turning my cell phone off. & knowing that nothing is going to wake me up. listening to frank sinatra sing "summer wind" & cursing california for it's perpetual hot weather. & not remembering anything after that. waking up to jon. eating ice cream with my brother. laughing at ozzy osbourne wearing a "hippie killer" tshirt & biker shorts.

& i forget. how wonderful it is. to just. stay in some nights. i wish i could do it more often.


& i am still tired. more sleep.
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Yes, I like waking up to you too.
I <3 Ozzy.