symphonic explosion (awesometimestwo) wrote,
symphonic explosion

okay. so.

who saw the lakers lose tonight? who saw kobe fuck up the last five seconds of the game. muahahahahah.

i just. really really hope the mavericks win. i mean. steve nash is incredible. but shaq's a wall. maybe. the mavericks can pretend he's the berlin wall & tear the motherfucker down. i hate the lakers.


also: ive managed to not see my mother for. awhile. mmm. times two.


+. im going to miss shannon. so much. when she's gone. but. its going to be good, i think. i need to get things straight. with me. & i think. that i know. i have to do that without her.


ok, also. again: star wars tickets are being bought tomorrow. may sixteenth. 1201 a.m. fuck yeah.


mirah is lovely. mmm times two. bye, now.
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